48V(58.4V) 10A Lithium Battery Lead Acid Battery Charger



Battery type:Lithium battery
Power supply:110V/220Vac ,50~60Hz

Battery voltage:48V

Output voltage:58.4V, (Can be customs)
Output current:10A

Charging Modes:Three-stage smart charging

Charge efficiency:≥85%

Working Temper:-5℃ ~ +40℃

Storage temperature:-40℃ ~ +70℃

AC power cord, DC connector can be customized according to requirements



1、Three-stage smart charging——Constant current, Constant Voltage, turbulence

2、Safety design, on the basis of power safety regulations, with short circuit, over current, over voltage, reverse connection protection, automatic monitoring of current, switching charging mode, safer to use. Special features can be added as required.


600W Battery Charger UY-600 Series


ITEM SPEC. Charging Voltage Charging Constant Current Switch off WEIGHT SIZE
Lead Acid Li-MnO2 FePo4 (Current Limit)A Lead Acid (A) Li-ion (A) (kg) (mm)
1 12V25A 14.7V 16.8V 14.6V 25 5.0 2.5 2.5 207*120*70
2 24V18A 29.4V 29.4V 29.2V 18 3.6 1.8
3 36V12A 44.1V 42.0V 43.8V 12 2.4 1.2
4 48V10A 58.8V 54.6V 58.4V 10 2.0 1.0
5 60V8A 73.5V 71.4V 73.0V 8 1.6 0.8
6 72V6A 88.2V 84V 87.6V 6 1.2 0.6
特性 1 Fully automatic, surge, flat charge, turbulent charge, full automatic shutdown
2 High-precision current and voltage lock, ensure full charged, no overcharge
3 Overcurrent protection,overvoltage protection, short circuit protection
4 Conversion efficiency >90%, small size. Light weight. High efficiency and environmental protection
5 Indicator light display, all-aluminum housing, beautiful and durable
6 CE Certified, ROHS

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