QS138 4000W Water Cooling PMSM Motor kits

QS138 90H 4000W Water Cooling Mid-drive Motor With FarDriver ND72530

Motor Spec.:

Motor graph:

Controller Specification:

Sine Wave FOC BLDC Motor Controller ND72530

 1. Controller Type: Sine Wave FOC Controller

2. Model Number: ND72530

3. Max. Bus Current:180A

4. Max. Phase Current:530A

5. Working Voltage:48V/60V/72V

6. Compatible Motor Power: 3000W-5000W

7. Size: 189mm*121mm*63.5mm 7. Weight:1.7KGS

Controller APP Monitor(Andriod and IOS supports)


Model: 061 Adjustable Speedometer

Display: LCD 4.3inch

Voltage:48V,60V,72V(72V as default)

Protection: IP67

Size:Length-162.5mm, Width-93.7mm



Displays Fault Code,Travel range, Speed, Battery volume, lighting and so on

Adjustable settings

Support CAN conmmunication,ONE-LIN (ONE-LIN as default)

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