Advantages of QS MOTOR

1.MANUFACTURER of high quality Electric Bike/Scooter/Motorcycle/Tricycle/Car Hub inwheel motor (CE approved) with competitive price for 10 years! Ranging 350W~10kW, 48~120V, 30~120KPH, with the customers of Terra Motors, Current Motor, Cromotor, Lightening Motorcycles, etc.

2. Good Quality Control. Choose good raw materials from the beginning to the end. All the motor are inspected before delivery.

Long working life(3-5 years), High Efficiency (85-92%),  repair rate less than 1%.

3. Well-trained sales and engineers provide you with professional solutions & after sale issues. CAD Drawing & Test Report are available.

4. Support OEM/ODM and open mold. Main parameters could be customized, e.g., RPM, dimension of axle/shaft, PCD & CB, customized Logo