• 1.What types of motor do you produce?

    Our motor is Brush-less DC Hub Motor(Outer Rotor) with Permanent Manget

  • 2.What are the differences between gear-less motor and gear motor for electric bikes?

    Gear motor reduces the speed through high-speed brushless motor, while the gearless motor uses direct-driven brushless motor to change the rated speed of the motor to achieve low speed high torque. In terms of electric efficiency and climbing performance, brushless gear motor is better than burhsless gearless motor. However, brushless gear motor is much costly, has louder noise, and needs gear lubrication, compared to brushless gearless motor, which is maintenance free. Except the 250W small motor is brushless gear motor, our other motors that above 500W are all brushless gearless DC motors.

  • 3.What are the differences between V1, V2, and V3 high-power motors?

    V1, V2, V3 are our high-power motors with different configurations.
    In terms of material, V3 motor has big trunking, uses more copper, with curve magnetic steel, and has highest efficiency and speed. It is the best option for enthusiastic fans pursuing perfect and high speed.
    V2 motor is standard exporting motor, has good configuration, performance, and price. It is the good option for those who do not have high requirements for high speed.
    V1 motor is standard motor. It is low cost, and has reasonable price, mature technology, and stable performance. It is the selection for most low power electric vehicle manufacturers.

  • 4.Do you provide warranty and after-sale service?

    Yes. Our warranty is 12 months. If there are any malfunction during normal use in the warranty, we provide free change or repairing (the freight charges respectively).

  • 5.What electric vehicle spare parts can you supply?

    We mainly supply electric vehicle motors, controllers, governors, and other related accessories.

  • 6.What are the applications of your products?

    Our products are widely used by electric vehicle manufacturers, electric vehicle/motorcycle dealers, electric vehicle converting alliances, new energy vehicle R&D organizations and colleges, electric vehicle professionals, etc.

  • 7.What is the payment?

    For sample and retail order, we accept 100% TT, PAYPAL payment.
    For bulk order, we accept 40% deposit, balance before the shipment.

  • 8.Whats your delivery method?

    For retail order, we usually use DHL and FEDEX. Because motor products are special, they are magnetic, some cheap postal service do not accept.
    For bulk order, we mainly use sea or air transportation.

  • 9.What are the main markets of your products?

    Our products are mainly exported to European countries, the US, Japan, Korea, and South America.