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QS273 8000W V2 E-Moped Spoke Hub Motor

273 Electric Motorcycle Spoke Hub Motor(50H) 8000W V2 Type


273 Spoke Hub Motor Designed for electric motorcycle, the rated power can be made,5kw,6kw,7kw or 8kw. Max speed can be customized from 80-120KMPH.


Motor Specification:

  1. Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor with Permanent Magnets
  2. Motor design: Spoke Motor with Double axle out
  3. Spoke Hole: 36pcs*4.2mm
  4. Matching Wheel: 17inch-19inch spoke wheel
  5. Magnet Height: 50MM
  6. of Pole Pairs: 28 pairs
  7. Rated Power: 8000W
  8. Max Power:11280W(Peak 14000W)
  9. Rated Voltage: 72V( 72-144V Can be optional)
  10. Speed: 120km/h (30-115km/h can be customized)
  11. Max No-load RPM:1400RPM
  12. Max Torque: 200N.M
  13. Max Efficiency: 86%
  14. Continious current:130A
  15. Max current:190A ,Peak 260A
  16. Brake type: Disc brake
  17. Rear Fork width for installation: 200mm
  18. Winding Frame material: Aluminium
  19. Cross Section of Phase wire: 16 mm2
  20. Hall sensor phasing angle: 120 degree
  21. Temperature Sensor: Optional
  22. Working Temperature: 70 degree, Peak 150 degree
  23. Waterproof Grade: IP66
  24. W./ G..W. : 22kgs / 23kgs
  25. Package Size: 44*43*41CM





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