Combinated Rear and Front Brake System for electric motorcycle

Combinated Rear&Front Brake System

Application:Specially designed for electric scooter and electric moped on purpose enhancing the whole brake performance

Front brake Pump 3-Cyliner Brake caliper pump with diameter 12.7MM, Material:Allumen
Front Hyrdraulic Tubing 1350mm Rubber hose,dia.:10.5mm
Front brake caliper Two Cayliners,diameter 25mm and 22mm
Rear brake level Cyliner diameter 14mm,Material:Allumen
Rear Hyrdraulic Tubing Steel wire high pressure pipe diameter 8mm, length 2250mm
Rear brake caliper Two Cyliners,diameter 25mm
Caliper material Aluminium Alloy
Front Brake pad Square 1838MM2
Rear Brake pad Square 1838MM2
Front and Rear Brake Disc Dia. 220MM, 4mm thickness





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