3000W bldc motor qs

QS138-B 70H 3000W PMSM Mid-Train Motor

QSMOTOR 3000W BLDC Middle dirve motor can be applied to electric scooter and electric motorcycle.

QS3000W BLDC Mid-drive motor can be applied to Electric scooter and electric motorcycle

It could be 72V 90KPH, only avaiable for 12inch wheel kits


QS Motor 3000W 138 70H Mid Drive Motor

Drive type: By pulley or By Chain

Motor type:BLDC Permanent Magnet Inner Rotor Motor With Hall Sensor

Magnets:Height 70mm, 40pcs, 5 pole pairs

Diameter of stator: 138mm

Rated Power: 3000W

Rated Voltage: 72V as default

Max. Speed: 90KPH (With 12inch wheel after 1:4.7 ratio)

No-load rpm: 4400rpm without flux weakening, 6500RPM with flux weakening.

Max Torque: approx 56N.m (without Reduction ratio)

Max Efficiency: 90%

Peak Battery Current: 120A (72V)

Max.Peak Phase Current: 450A

Single Hall Plate with waterproof connectors

Cross Section of Phase Wire: 16mm2

Hall Sensor Phasing angle: 120 degree


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