138 Motor with 428 sprocket and controller

QS138 Mid-train Motor with E-150s Controller kits

QSMOTOR 138 3000W 70H BLDC Motor with 428 Chain sprocket

1 Motor Type QS Motor 3000W 138 70H Mid Drive Motor PMSM
2 Rated Power 3000w 4000w
3 Rated Voltage 72v DC 48-96v can be optional
4 Rated No-load RPM 4000rpm 6500RPM with flux weakening
5 Max Efficiency ≥93%
6 Max Torque ≥60nm
7 Motor phase angle 60
8 Number of Pole Pairs 5
9 Short-term overload Support long time operation at 2 times the rated power 3 times overload operation time, less than 1 min
10 Controller current limit <180A
11 Winding temperature Class F should be no more than 150℃ Class H supports 180℃
12 Sensor type Hall and Encoder
13 Cross Section of Phase Wire ≥16m㎡
14 Insulation class Class F
15 Motor weight 10.8kg
16 Thermic Probe Optional
17 Waterproof Grade IP67
18 Work system S9
19 Cooling method Free cooling



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