138 4000W+72680

QS138 4000W Mid-Drive Motor Controller Kits

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Motor Spec.:

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Controller Specification:

Fardriver NS72680/ND72680 Electric Motorcycle Controller 680A Programmable with Bluetooth

FarDriver controller is sine wave type controller, which is brushless DC controller with self-learning function. Generally, it matches well with QS Motors, if you want to match with new brand motor, some parameters should be tested by yourself.


Key Features

1). All the raw materials are imported, using high-performance Moss tube

2). With the aluminum substrate scheme, the Moss tube is laid on the aluminum substrate and then placed on the PCB board

3). Small in size

4). High efficiency, low temperature rise, small running current

5). With self-learning function, excellent commonality

6). The app compatible with Android and Apple

7). With flux weakening function.(The product does not contain magnetism)

Main Specification:

1. Model Number: NS72680 ( Sometimes the series number also print ND72680)

2. Peak. Bus Current: 350A

3. Peak. Phase Current: 680A

4. Working Voltage: 48V/60V/72V

5. Peak voltage: 88V

6. Compatible Motor Power: 3000W-6000W

7. Size: 180mm*118mm*70.2mm



1. The controller colors are blue and black, randomly sent.

2. Controller includes harness, screws, and bluetooth adaptor. ( like the following picture )

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