138 V3+ND72680+wiring

QS138 70H V3 3000W Mid-Train Internal gear Motor Kits

QSMOTOR 138-C 3000W High Torque Mid-train Internal Gear With Sine Wave Controller EM-150 For E-Vehicle Electric Motorcycle


Package List:

  • 3000W 138-C Mid-Drive Motor with Internal gear reduction
  • Fardriver Controller ND72680 with bluetooth
  • Wiring harness
  • DC/DC Conveter
  • DKD Speedomter
  • Key switch
  • Twist Handle throttle
  • 428 Chain sprocket 14T

Motor Spec.:

Controller Spec.:

Sine Wave FOC BLDC Motor Controller ND72680

 1. Controller Type: Sine Wave FOC Controller

2. Model Number: ND72680

3. Max. Bus Current:350A

4. Max. Phase Current:680A

5. Working Voltage:48V/60V/72V

6. Compatible Motor Power: 3000W-5000W

7. Size: 189mm*121mm*63.5mm 7. Weight:1.7KGS

Sample E-Motorcycle with the kits:

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