New Developed 273MODEL 13inch 10KW-12KW In-Wheel Hub Motor

QS273 13INCH 10KW and 12KW In-Wheel Hub Motor


1.  Motor Configuration

  a. 25mm2 Motor phas wires

  b. Double Hall sensor wires(One is for replace)

  c. Brake Disc on the motor(Please indicate if you want it)

  d. Motor always NOT attached Temperature Sensor,if you need,please Indicate in the order


2. Motor Speed Choice

    The motor can be customzied from 70kmph-130kmph under different voltage as 72V,84V,96V ,120V,144V

    Please Indicate what speed and Voltage you need in the order


3. Main Tech Data of The Motor


Rated power:10KW

Wheel size: 13×3.5

Magnet Height: 70mm

Number of Poles: 16pairs

Max. Speed at 72V: 125kmph


Tempreture Sensor:KTY83/122

Brake type:Disc brake

Water proof grade:IP54


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