NEW QS260 12inch 10KW 70H Hub Motor For electric Scooter

This Hub motor is the latest generation of the 12-inch high power hub motor from QS Motor.  It is an upgraded series of silicon steel. This motor is an export series product and is suitable for electric fans. This kind of version has better acceleration than V3 for same speed type,meanwhile the motor is more stable and the temperature is lower.



QS Motor 10000W 260 70H V3 E-Scooter Hub Motor
Motor Type: BLDC In-Wheel Hub Motor
Magnet Height: 70mm

Pole pairs: 16 pairs
Rated Power: 12000W
Rated Voltage: 96V as default (48V-144V, optional)
Speed: 100KPH as default (80-120KPH, optional)
Max Torque: approx 350N.m
Max Efficiency: 86-91%
Peak Battery Current: 130A (96V)
Suggest Peak Phase Current: 587-734A
Working Temperature: 70-120℃ , peak 150 ℃
Brake type: Disc brake, PCD3*80mm-M8, CB 58mm(as default)
Doubel Hall Set with waterproof connectors
16mm2 Cross Section of Phase Wire
Hall Sensor Phasing angle: 120 degree
Waterproof Grade: IP54
Color: Black or Colorful


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