3000W E-bike motor with Kelly Controller and TFT Display

QS205 50H V3 3000W E-Bike E-Moped Kits

QS205 3000W 50H Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

The parts list as follows,

1pc x QS205 (50H) Spoke Hub Motor
1pc x Twist Hall Throttle
1pc x Kelly Sine wave Controller- KLS7230S


1. QS205 3000W E-Bike Hub Motor 50H V3 Type


initpintu_205 s


motor wires





2.  Kelly Sinusoidal Wave Controller— KLS7230S

3. Twist Hall Throttle


Hall 0-5V Twist Grip for normal electric bike or electric scooter

Wires instuction: RED to +5V   BLACK to GND   WHITE to SIGNAL WIRE

205 spoke


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