QS90 1000W Electric Power train Kits

QS90 Model 1000W BLDC Mid-drive Motor Kits

The parts list as follows,

    • 1000W PMSM Mid-drive Motor
    • Matching Controller Fardriver ND72260
    • Wiring harness
    • DC/DC Conveter 72V-12V 10A
    • Key switch
    • DKD Speedometer
    • Twist Throttle

Motor Specification:

1. Model Number:QS90 80H Mid-drive BLDC Motor

2.Rated voltage:60V/72V

3. Rated power:1000W

4. Rated current: 10-20A

5. Max Efficiency:90-94%

6. Rated Torque:10-18N.M

7. Max. torque:22-30N.M (130N.M after 1:4.63 Ratio)

8. Motor Phase angle: 120 degree

9. Motor Phase Shift: 60

10.Pole pairs: 5

11. Over-load working in short time: 1.6 times on rated torque works in 5 mins

12. Sensor type: Hall sensor

13. Winding working tem.: Not high than 150 degree

14. Motor phase cable: 3 x 4mm2 cable

15. Magnet grade: 35H (Working tem. under 150 degree)

16. Matching Controller current(Battery supply to controller): 35A

17. Cooling method: Air cooling

18. Phase cable connector: 43-5C

19. Hall wire connector: DJ7062-2.3-11 DJ611-2.3

20. Insulation Grade: Grade F

21. Water proof grade: IP67


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