273 car hub motor kits - 副本

Dual 8000W 72V Wheel Drive E-Car kits

QS Motor Electric car Conversion Kits 72V Version with kelly Controller


Key Features,

1. The application of a hub motor can greatly simplify the structure of the vehicle. Traditional clutches, gearboxes and transmission shafts will no longer exist. This also means saving more space.

2. The Daul Controller has been assembled together with the Main contactor on the Alu. plate, so it will be much easier for play and connection

3. Control box combines forward, reverse, master switch and other functions

4. Regenerative Function is available

The kits listed as belows,

2units x QS 8000W 50H V3 Electric Car Hub Motor

2units x Kelly Controller KLS7275H

1unit x Doul Controller Assembly

1unit x Pedal Throttle

1unit x USB Cable

1unit x Control Box

1unit x Free Speed Meter


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