3000W 10inch Hub Motor Electric Motorbike Conversion Kits

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10inch 3000W 50H V3 48V-72V Electric Scooter Conversion Kits

The parts list as follows,

1pc x Twist Hall Throttle
1pc x Kelly Controller J2 Cable
1pc x Kelly Controller USB cable


1. QS205 10INCH 3000W Hub Motor 50H V2 Type



10inch 2.15x10 dibujo

motor wires


 Optional Speed verison as follows,



3000W 48V 750RPM   55KM/H


3000W 60V 934RPM   70KM/H


3000W 72V 1130RPM 80KM/H




2. Kelly E-Bike Motor Controller KEB72451 with Regen Braking function.







3. Twist Hall Throttle



Hall 0-5V Twist Grip for normal electric bike or electric scooter

Wires instuction: RED to +5V   BLACK to GND   WHITE to SIGNAL WIRE

 4. Disc brake system 


Complete Oil-pressure Disc brake system for rear Hub Motor
Disc Size: 180mm
Disc Thickness:3.5mm

 e-scooter disc brake 1

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