QS138-B 70H 3000W Mid-Drive PMSM Motor With Controller ND72490 For Electric Motorcycle

QS138-B 70H 3000W Mid-Drive PMSM Motor With Controller ND72490 For Electric Motorcycle

Package List:

  • QS138 70H 3000W Mid-Drive Motor
  • Motor Controller ND72490(Max. Phase Current 490A)
  • Speedometer
  • Twist throttle

Motor Spec.:

Motor with pulley for timing belt

Motor with 428 Chain sprocket shaft:

Motor drawing:

428 Chain Sproket Shaft:

Controller Specification:

Sine Wave FOC BLDC Motor Controller ND72490

The Controller package included parts as below,

1 Controller ND72490
1 Bluetooth Dongle for Cell Phone(Only for Android system)
1 Complete wiring

Main Specification:
Controller Type: Sine Wave FOC Controller
Model Number: ND72490
Max. Bus Current:180A
Max. Phase Current:660A
5. Working Voltage:48V/60V/72V
6. Compatible Motor Power: 3000W-5000W
6. Size: 189mm*121mm*63.5mm
7. Weight:1.7KGS
The ND series Hall one-line pass-through controller is a high-end high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor controller with the advantages of high quality, high efficiency, and intelligence. It is suitable for vehicle applications of various Hall motors.
It is suitable for middle and high speed motorcycles with in-wheel motors, mid-mounted motors, and high-end electric tricycles.
Using high-quality fully imported MOS core, full metal shielding and aluminum die heat dissipation structure, the hardware
architecture and software implementation are perfectly matched and refined.

Rich software parameter configuration:
Monitor and configure the controller through the visual computer interface, and update and upgrade online.
The current at different speeds can be adjusted online.
The maximum speed of forward and backward, economic speed can be set.
The overall bus current and phase current can be set.
The accelerator pedal threshold can be set to adjust the response sensitivity of the pedal.

Perfect protection function:
Monitor working voltage, current, temperature, motor, gear, accelerator pedal, brake, etc. Ensure the safety of vehicle driving control

Controller APP Monitor:

Controller Image:

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