4000W hub motor with kelly controller

QS205 4000W E-Motorcycle Conversion Kits

QS205 4000W Electric Motorcycle Hub Motor Conversion Kits

QS205 V3 4000W Spoke Hub Motor(200mm rear fork spacing)

Motor Specification:

1.    Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor with Permanent Magnet

2.    Motor design: Double axle out

3.    Spoke hole: 3.4mm x 36pcs

4.    Matching Rim:The motor not assembled with rim yet, can be laced 17-19inch moped rim

5.    Magnet Height: 55MM

6.    Pole Pairs: 16 Pairs

7.    Rated Power: 4000W V3

8.    Peak Power: 7000W

9.    Rated Voltage: 72V( 48-96V Can be optional)

4000W 55h


12.  Max Torque: 200N.M

13.  Max Efficiency: 90%

14.  Continious current:45A

15.  Max current:80A (Peak 100A in short time)

16.  Brake type: Disc brake or Brum brake(Optional)

17.  Rear Fock width for installation: 200mm

18.  Cross Section of Phase wire: 10 mm2

19.  Hall sensor phasing angle: 120 degree

20.  Max. Working Temperature: 70 degree, Peak 120 degree

21.  Waterproof Grade: IP54

22.  Color: Black

23.  N.W./ G..W. : 14kgs / 15kgs



Motor pictures:

205 spoke hub motor -

Motor drawing:

205 200MM


motor wires


Kelly Sinusoidal Wave Controller KLS7245N



Suitable Motor power:4000W-5000W

Battery voltage range: 18V-90V

Water proof level: IP67





Twist Hall throttle for electric Scooter or Electric bike

Twist throttle

Inner Hole diameter  2.3mm
Throttle bar length 15CM

Wires definition

Thin Red wire +5V
Black wire  GND
White wire  Hall Signal
The throttle can be fitted to any electric scooter or electric motorcycle.
The Throttle color will be randam delivery


Disc brake kits


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