QS273 40H V3 4000W 8000W E-Bike Hub Motor

QS273 4000W 40H Electric Bike Spoke Hub Motor V3 Type 152mm drop-outs

This motor is specially customs for the high-power electric bicycle or motorcycle,which with 150mm rear fork width and sprocket!

General Sepc.

  1. Motor type: BLDC Hub Motor with Hall sensors
  2. Motor design:Spoke Hub Motor with 36 spoke holes
  3. Motor rim size: Can be fitted 17-24inch bike or moped rim
  4. Magnet:40mm, 16 pole pairs
  5. Rated power: 4000W
  6. Peak power: Potential to 8000W
  7. Rated voltage: 72V as default
  8. Max. speed: 80kph as default, can be customs,too
  9. Max. torque: 200n.m
  10. Max. efficiency: 90%
  11. Peak current: 110A at 72V
  12. Continious current: 55A at 72V
  13. Peak phase current:250A
  14. Drop-outs: 152mm
  15. With english thread for single sprocket
  16. Double hall sensor group
  17. Cross section of the phase wire: 10mm2
  18. Water proof: IP54
  19. Weight: 18kgs

The speed of winding Kv can be customized!




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